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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sonichu Sub-Episode 7 Critical Review: Remember When This Comic Was About Sonichu?

We're Still Fighting Mall Security?

There's not much more that can be said about the plot here, as it's still Chris-Chan fighting super-powered mall security. He finally meets their leader, Jerkhief Daitenzen Bagget*. The character is based on real-life Albemarle County police officer Marcus Baggett, who actually sounds like an upstanding gentleman. His noble deeds include risking his life to get two people out of a burning building, shooting down a man who stole a police car and shot at the cops, and, of course, telling a creepy man-child not to solicit for sex in the Target food court. The latter, obviously, contradicts Chandler's perspective.

From most people's perspectives, Bagget is a brave and decent member of local law enforcement. If there is any evidence to the contrary, it is not the fact that he had the gall to get remove Chandler and his Attraction Sign from a public location. Of course, in the world of CWCVille, it's not enough that Bagget and Chandler disagree. Bagget has to be a super-villain who rides a Cybertronian war machine.** Which actually works in canon-Bagget's favor, because he's standing up to the clown-striped Caligula. The "Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens" is the underground resistance in Sonichu fanworks for a reason, after all.

This comic also has one of the most significant panels in the history; the Drinking Straw of Fail. Christian Weston Chandler's trademark failure at proportion strikes hardest here, as the straw in his avatar's mouth looks especially long, wide, and thick. Chandler is also well-documented as a homophobe. Connect the dots as you see fit...

On the plus side, Jared's comments in the previous Sonichu review were inspiring and well-written. The man he spoke of is the Peter Parker to Chandler's Doctor Octopus.

* Apparently a reference to/plagiarism of Excel Saga, an anime the Chandler loves. I should probably start watching it, because I hear it's actually good, just that the parody elements go right over Chandler's head.
** "Crackder", inspired by the Transformers: Cybertron/Galaxy Force version of Thundercracker. That was a really shitty design, with one of the robot's hands being a huge slab of the jet's back. Certainly Chandler's spent enough of his parents/the state of Virginia's money on Transformers that he could at least plagiarize a toy that didn't look like ass?


  1. Given Thundercracker's characterization on the Cybertron show (for those who didn't see it, he put the 'cracker' in 'Thundercracker'), there's actually something appropriate about him being the steed of a villain who's supposed to be a bullying alpha-male. Somehow, I doubt any of that potential thematic synergy was intended.

    (I never had Thundercracker, but I had Skywarp; he was pretty lame from a design angle, but surprisingly fun to fiddle with.)

  2. This should be proof that one intelligence level generally has nothing to do with their disability. David might have trouble picking up on social cues, but he's otherwise perfectly lucid and aware of what's going on around him.

    The reason Christian Chandler's life is a real life Point and Laugh Show isn't because people like playing "Kick the Autistic", but because they like to play "Kick the Idiot". Because that's what Chris is for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from his sense of entitlement to his refusal to respect other peoples' boundaries to thinking that he can rip off other peoples' copyrights while throwing a fit when anyone does the same thing to him to continually coming back for more abuse from the trolls to either ignoring or attacking anyone who actually tries to help him.

    Neil and David are two guys with issues similar to Chandler's, but they don't act like jackasses or indulge in ridiculous narcissism. The reason people go after the less-than-beloved Mayor For Life of CWCVille is not because he's autistic, but because he's a fucking moron.