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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Neil Kapit Blog's Next Topics: U-Decide!

As you've probably gleaned, I've been pretty busy lately. Not only have I been doing Ruby Nation comics that are a much bigger risk than usual (see above), I've also started a new real-world job that takes most of my weekdays. Since I haven't had the inspiration for blogs in the past few weeks, I'm contacting you, the readers, for ideas. But I will write if I get enough interest, so what would you like to see me write here;

A.) Blogs specifically about disability in comics

B.) Blogs about non-comics disability media issues

C.) Blogs about superhero comics

D.) Blogs about non-superhero Western comics

E.) Blogs about webcomics

F.) Dedicated, critical graphic novel reviews

G.) Blogs about video games

H.) Blogs about my own comics

I.) Pictures of my cat

Any ideas that I haven't listed here?