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Monday, May 28, 2012

Ruby Nation: Chapter 2 Talkback!

We're at the Chapter 2 point, Ruby Nation has hit the big revelation I've been leading towards since August of 2011. This is the point where I want to open a talkback friend for everyone who's been reading sso far. If you've been following my comic, please take a second to answer these questions. And be honest, because thoughtful feedback is necessary for improvement.

1.) How do you feel about Ruby Nation thus far?

2.) How do you feel about the ending of Chapter 2?

3.) How do you feel about the existence of the Ruby Nation Wiki/About Page?

4.) Do you have a favorite character so far? Why?

5.) Do you have a least favorite character? Why?

6.) What would you like to see in the coming strips?

Thank you in advance. You can email me any further comments and questions, as well.


  1. *cracks knuckles*

    1) What I really like about Ruby's World is the distinct personality traits and quirks you've given to all your characters. While Ruby and Jiro are both rather subdued characters, for example, they express that subduedness in different ways. I also like the complex motivations you've given to your heroes and your villains alike-Ruby is motivated by a combination of duty, altruism and a determination to assert her rights and unique identity. Beagle seems to be motivated by what it genuinely believes is the right thing to do, however cold-blooded and inhuman its actions are. In both cases, the motivations are much more than a simple desire to do what's right or a lust for power, or to cause harm simply out of sadism or cruelty.

    2) I'm confused, chilled and intrigued, all in the way I was much like when I played Final Fantasy VII for the first time and saw Cloud freaking out about Sephiroth and Jenova. I'm intrigued to learn more, not just about what really happened to Elise but also more about Beagle's origins and self-justification. It's hard to tell what's lies, what is truth and what's the truth bent towards a specific purpose, but you've managed to avoid turning it into a confusing mess that leaves me more frustrated than intrigued.

    3) I wasn't really aware of the page. While I visited it once before, maybe, I've forgotten all about it.

    4) I don't know if I really have a "favorite" character so far. What I do have is a desire to learn more about various characters' backgrounds, most notably Alexis, Jiro, Opal and Dr. Carcharria.

    5) I don't really know if I have a "least favorite" character, either.

    6) What I'm really hoping for is for us to learn Beagle's origins and what motivated Dr. Carcharria to do what she does. While I realize that some villains often come across as scarier if we don't know anything about them, I believe that learning the villains' backstories and motivations can often be just as effective.

    I know a lot of people hated the way the Joker was made to be the killer of Batman's parents in the first Tim Burton movie, for example, but I loved seeing how a young Bruce's obsession with avenging his parents turned him into Batman, while the Joker's eventual obsession with Batman came from Batman inadvertently making him fall into the vat of chemicals. Similarly, Norman Osborn's obsession with power and his love of "spooky" Halloween motifs make a lot more sense when we see how he felt helpless before his father's abuse and was tormented by terrifying visions in his youth.

    So yes, some more information on the backstory and motivations of Beagle and Dr. Carcharria would be useful.

  2. I wrote you a reply on my blag. I didn't want to flood your page with asterisks.

  3. Thank you Jared, and thank you AspieGrrl! The comments are greatly appreciated. Expect more of the Doctor's backstory in the coming weeks and months; production is slowed down by real life, but your interest ensures that I'll make as much time as possible.