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Thursday, July 15, 2010

70% of me is made of Housekeeping

I just realized that I haven't updated my blog since I've returned from the East Coast. I've been kept busy with several different projects, including my new job as LA Online Media Examiner, my animal-themed writing for Yeepet, my continuing work on Ruby's World, and a secret project that I can't divulge-- YET.

Of these projects, the most fun has admittedly been the least productive. As the paraphrased quote from Hideo Kojima ( replacing " movies " with " housekeeping " ) suggests, I've been playing through the Metal Gear Solid games one after another. So far, I've completed the first three Metal Gear Solid games, the two PSP prequels ( Portable Ops and the recent Peace Walker ), and am now working through the extended rereleases. Right now I'm on the GameCube's Twin Snakes, though that's easily the weakest thus far, remaking the original PS1 game in a very half-assed fashion. Seriously, developer Silicon Knights dropped the ball; they had the technology to give characters actual facial expressions, the innovations of Metal Gear Solid 2, completely remastered cutscenes, and a new soundtrack? And the result were faces only slightly less stiff than the PS1 game, an easier experience thanks to unmodified level designs, abuse of " bullet time " ( Though IIRC Kojima wanted that ), and the great original music replaced with annoying techno. Bah.

Still have yet to play MGS4, due to a lack of a PS3, but that will give me time to get caught up on this blog, and bring in some new topics.

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