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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My TVTropes Responses; Blog-A-Day Week, Pt 1

From my previous TVTropes survey;

1.) Yes, daily.

2.) Online, regularly. Offline, depending on my company, and their own familiarity with the site.

3.) Constantly. TVTropes has infected my brain patterns.

4.) Sometimes, like observing the behavior of one Christian Weston Chandler, who acts like he's "Adorkable" even though he's really "Psychopathic Manchild".

5.) Yes I do, though it's in order to deconstruct tropes I don't like. For example, Ruby is a largely intentional deconstruction of the Purity Sue; her beauty is skewed by her hulking stature, her kindness often leads to co-dependent relationships with others, her incorruptible morals are just as often the result of a childish and immature perspective as they are of her heroic nature, and she's prone to depression over her moral conflicts. I didn't know the trope at the time, but I was designing her to be a more believable version that sickeningly sweet persona seen in characters like Jean Grey(sans Phoenix), Gwen Stacy (original version), and Nunally from Code Geass.

6.) The endless wealth of information relevant to creative work. I often use it as supplemental research for both professional and creative writing, as it gives audience context to narratives in real life and fiction alike. For example, I've read through a lot of the weapon trope articles when designing action scenes, and have abolished several tropes like Dual Wielding thanks to the real-world descriptions.

7.) People who brutally misinterpret the tropes and attach them to their own agenda. For example, people who call Damian Wayne a Jerk Sue, having completely missed the fact that the Bat-Family barely puts up with him out of compassion, and the rest of Gotham just can't stand him.

8.) Metal Gear Solid, for which I am eternally grateful, and Sonichu, for which I am...somewhat less grateful.

9.) Hell yeah!

10.) and 11.) will receive seperate posts, tomorrow and the next day respectively.

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