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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If Jenny McCarthy existed in the Marvel Universe...

...she'd pin the X-Gene on vaccines, and display the same public, self-aggrandizing bawwfests about how her adorable baby boy was broken. She'd endorse the abolishing of mandatory vaccinations because of the tragedy of having a mutant for a child, while endorsing risky and unpleasant treatments to cure the world of Homo superior. And because the public of the Marvel Universe is even more ignorant and reactionary than that of the real world, they'd believe her.

But then, her son's X-Gene would manifest, and he'd be the most powerful mutant ever. And after realizing that his mother was dangling him in front of the world as the poster child for a group of inherently " flawed " people, he'd sign up with Magneto. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would resurge in power, and after the X-Men spent five minutes trying to protect McCarthy, they'd get sick of her and toss her to the Brotherhood. Humanity would fall, and Jenny McCarthy will have been the instigator.

Well, I can dream, can't i? :P

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