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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Neil Kapit Update: Put Your Mind At Peace

Several bits of news on my end, prefaced by an image from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker ( because realistically, is there ever a BAD time for a Metal Gear reference?

* Ruby's World has moved back to a chapter update schedule, with whole chapters being posted every month or so. This was done in response to complaints that the comic was hard to follow when broken up into single page installments. Expect Chapter 19 some time in September, with the stunning conclusion to the " Evil Obama " cliffhanger.

* Within a few chapters, Ruby's World will conclude. Note that I said that Ruby's World will conclude, not the story in general. A new strip will replace it, set a few months later and with a new hook. This will be done to provide a jumping-on point for new readers. It should be the Metal Gear Solid to Ruby's World's NES Metal Gear. ( I keep doing this. )

* I've been doing weekly graphic novel reviews for Pop Syndicate, a comic and other pop culture news/reviews site. I strongly recommend you check them out in general, not just for my reviews ( though I do enjoy self-promotion ), but for their diverse and entertaining array of commentary and content. But I do have four pieces up, with new pieces every Wednesday. Direct links are...

Blackest Night Hardcover ( Hated It )
The Nobody by Jeff Lemire( Loved it )
Daredevil: The Devil's Hand ( Liked It )
Brody's Ghost Volume 1 by Mark Crilley ( Loved it )

* I am working on a massive new project related to disability and pop culture writings. This is something I can't divulge too much about just yet, other than the fact that I want to get it published. Stay tuned...


  1. Having finally bought the BN hardcover along with the GL and GLC tie-in, I tend to agree with your assessment. There are a lot of good moments in the main BN story, but the actual narrative is very choppy. All the best moments are in the GL titles.

  2. Thanks. It seems to be the approach to big event comics that the main series is a plot summary with illustrations, and the tie-ins give it actual narrative depth.

  3. Really appreciate hearing about Pop Syndicate.